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Working with Adobe Acrobat Reader

We make every attempt to allow our products to be read and printed reliably by Adobe Acrobat Reader. We have noticed that some versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader on different platforms may not display our products correctly. Here are some hints about possible ways to get around these difficulties.

  • If you receive the message "Unable to extract the embedded font..." when attempting to read a file using Adobe Acrobat Reader on Linux or Unix, then add the line "LANG=C; export LANG" after the line saying "#!/bin/sh" in your acroread file. The following information was extracted from http://rpms.arvin.dk/pdflib/unpacked/usr/share/doc/pdflib-3.03/readme_unix.txt (which no longer exists) on June 29, 2001:
    If you experience the error message "Unable to extract the embedded
    font..." while viewing the form under Unix or Linux, you are running into
    a bug in Acrobat Reader which affects non-english locale settings.
    Workarounds: use a different PDF viewer (e.g., xpdf or Ghostscript), or set
    the LANG variable to either "C" or empty before launching Acrobat:
    unix> LANG=C acroread PDFlib-purchase-order.pdf
  • If your version of Adobe Acrobat Reader does not correctly display ligatures (combinations of letters that are joined together; see especially the word "confine" on the third last line of Item (2) in the preface), then you may need to upgrade to a later version of Acrobat Reader. A rather technical discussion of the problem and possible solutions can be found in the thread following this link.
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